Resources Manual

The resources provided on this websites are categorized into the following types. Here are the instructions and notices for them:

Lecture Slides

These are usually the original slides from the Professor / Lecturer without modification in PDF / PPT form. They are shared on this website through image printout, with a link to the original slides website if still present.

These files are copyrighted strictly to the professors who made them.

Lecture Notes

Markdown notes: are provided for those classes with minimal graphs / illustrations, such as History, Literature, and

Handwritten notes: are provided for Mathematics and Computer Science classes, which usually have a large amount of equations and diagrams.

Lecture Recordings & Transcriptions

Recordings are available for all the remote classes, especially in COVID-19 situations. I will use speech recognition technologies to transcribe the entire lecture into** timestamped text** for my own convenience, and will share the result to hopefully benefit others as well.

Recordings won’t be provided on this site, instead I’ll put a link to the original lecture.

Transcriptions will be shared in two forms:

  • Timestamped Text in markdown, available to everyone
  • Lark Suite Minutes link (transcription + video) with real time subtitles
    • only available for people within

    • please contact to request access

      These files, if provided, are copyrighted strictly to the professors who made them.

Assignments & Homeworks

Past homework and assignments are shared AS IS after the entire semester completes. They are provided for the sake of archival and reference.