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Jishen Zhao 00:00
And get started.

Jishen Zhao 00:07
Ok. So hello again, I’m Jewish and now an associate professor of the CSE Department. I’m going to be the structure of this class over those quarters, so you will be working with me. And our team stepped in the TAS together.

Jishen Zhao 00:26
Hopefully you enjoy this quarter, enjoy this Class A little bit more about my research. I’m a computer architect mostly so. That’s why maybe teaching this class and I also work on research machine learning for systems and safety of autonomous vehicle and robotic system so mostly system then.

Jishen Zhao 00:51
Architecture and in terms of machine learning for systems. We most lays the right now. We’re studying mostly on how to use the machine learning to help with programming an? Assistant design make the system design programming easier for most of the engineers an in terms of.

Jishen Zhao 01:17
Play trance scripting. Smu feature for me one of you asked for live transporting over and during the zoom meeting. Just kind of fun, but anyway, I turn on enable the transporting if some of you, we needed help.

Jishen Zhao 01:34
With that would be helpful in terms of safety aware autonomous driving systems, we collaborate with. That group, an on campus actually if you’re not aware of. There are 2 or more actually self driving cars, writing on campus told them there. Delivering mails for you and we’re also working with the measure. Subtropical companies to look at their simulators, heavy stack and their cars. Based on the study to generate insight and designed to help with safety of self driving cars and some sort of architecture, one example. I work on various aspects of computer architecture, but one of the examples member architecture so. More most recent work on memory architectures and our long-term memory architectures.

Jishen Zhao 02:26
If you’re interested in our research. Feel free to hop on my website and read all papers or if you’re more interested in research. Feel free to reach out to me and we have heard of course option is for quest an art class students to work with us to get hands-on research experience. I can rest up today, I’ll be talking about the logistics of this class and then we’ll talk a little bit more about what is? Basic basic of computer architecture and just squeeze a tiny little time today. So I don’t think we’ll use the full picture time class meeting time. But today, I think this is the first lecture so. Try to finish up early, so we can go after we’re done.

Jishen Zhao 03:21
First of all since you’re here, so you know this class meeting time the zoom link at but if any of your friends or any anyone who missed that you know the word can find the link to the. Last website or the zoom link let them know and.

Jishen Zhao 03:41
Me as an instructor this is my email address. My office hour is going to be on Fridays there before noon. Starting from next week. Since this is the first week. We’re starting so I don’t have office hour, but if any questions. Feel free to reach out to me via email and Piazza. That’ll give you the link clicking on an RTS.

Jishen Zhao 04:01
I want to introduce our capable and willing ptas, we have 40 days. First is I’m going to introduce each of them and help them to introduce themselves so you everyone will see and hear about hear from them so let’s get sore from first one, is Vivian. With an idea there, they do want to unmute yourself and introduce yourself to the class, yeah, hi. Everyone I’m Vivian and I am a MS student studying Computer Engineering, I used this tea. And I look forward to meeting everyone. Thank you Lillian scratch, it are you there? Hello hello, yes.

说话人 2 04:43
So I’m I’m a second year. Master student in this in this juicy Department. I took this class last screen and everything started. So hopefully you don’t want to each other person I look forward to working with you guys.

Jishen Zhao 04:58
Great thank you second length, he’s your hair OK great you’re right here.

说话人 3 05:06
Yes, so hey, I’m link. I’m a second year graduate student at UCSD in computer science and I was tearing for most of the undergrad computer architecture classes before and I’m looking forward to look. I was talking with you.

Jishen Zhao 05:21
Think a wink, you’re going to either we going to have a lot of titanium. Red class as well last one is they have. Are you there?

说话人 4 05:31
Yeah, hi? Everyone I’m buff? I’m 2nd is my assistance for CSC. I’m excited to getting to know all of you more throughout the quarter.

Jishen Zhao 05:46
Thank you. These are RTS so we have a capacity of around 200 students, so that’s why you have 40 days. The weather. Mute yourself if you’re not I’ll try to find out. Ok, sorry about that because I don’t want to distract and because we’re also recording but having questions posts on the chat an?

Jishen Zhao 06:20
So currently II look at the current moment yesterday. It’s a166 and are currently 48 highway list. So that’s why I said, should be able to enroll everyone. Turning on the wait list because I’m expecting maybe some of the students who are currently enrolled will drop this class. The Department they told me currently they have 30 ish or seats. In this class so. Double I said hopefully we can enroll everyone away list. But if not, then 30, ish that’s the current vacancy.

Jishen Zhao 07:02
The states that available. Right but by the way and you are not enrolled. You want to audit this class. Feel free to and happy that opened the class is open to everyone and materials are publicly available. The websites also public so feel free to.

Jishen Zhao 07:18
Up on the website. Learn about computer architecture. And in terms of responsibility here is the list of responsibilities of instructor me myself and also the TAS. I always want to be clear about the responsibilities. So that we have a better communication something what we do, and what kind of help. You can get from us you can read by yourself, I will not go through it. By item you can read it even after the today’s lecture.

Jishen Zhao 07:53
But here’s the list. Hope wasted already cleared if you need the disability accommodation should be able to contact the those. The office and get the accommodation approval. And but also let me know what you need. And in terms of the course materials and websites and all the the helpful information and resources here. The 3 sets of websites plus. Canvas canvas II didn’t listen over here because covers kind of standard at all of a class. You’ll need canvas already published published the campus side as well. But most of the materials should be able to find an hour class.

Jishen Zhao 08:39
Google website and here’s the link. I also post the link that you don’t need to. Take a picture or make a note because I already post the link on the CSA Department course listing. The our website. Our class website over there, so you should be able to click the right the link. And uh. They find that Google site of this class and the goggles. I should help pretty much everything or the materials the calendar. The slides the syllabus the homework questions solutions and so on. You need from the class while the other 2 websites are for Communication Grace scope is for you to submit homework and for grading. Homework exam and also project and appears as a forum for discussion. So if any questions don’t recommend send emails because given the size of this class so many students. But I maybe my email box, maybe flush I may not be able to notice your email so the best way to get hold. Opie and get out of for staff and TAS is to pose the question of pattern think there’s maybe one question on chat. So there’s a one question about the has the trouble opening the link for the course outline and lecture materials on their website. Because we just started a maybe the websites that link will have some problem accessing but one thing you can try is to log in with your engineering school account. Uh if that still doesn’t work, and post some pass and let us know. And I will try to figure out what the issue is that over there that had that sometimes that happen in the past and we should be able to fix that. Real quick. Hi Ann, Then I just give you a kind of a screenshot of how the website looks like so we should be to recognize this there an? Make sure this is the fall 2021 Class I should already turned down the spring class. The spring class website so this should be the only one with this appearance of for this class. And then a few maybe more important web page and this Google website. Google site is one’s agenda. It’s in the electric materials. Should already have a tentative schedule for the whole quarter listed over the sogener if some of you still like this didn’t just ask the question earlier cannot access here’s the picture. We should be looking for so. In this agenda should beautifying currently those are all tax only but after each turn take.

Jishen Zhao 11:46
Post on the infield could you mute yourself? Ha. So. This is all the schedules over here, then average class touch pad for each class. Those link will turn into those text were trying to link so you can click and you can find the notes and before each class. Time I will post the video so you can watch the video ahead of time. That being said why you need to watch the video ahead of time is because we’re implementing a flipped classroom so different from standard classroom. If you don’t know what flipped classroom looks like flipped classroom means that you need to study.

Jishen Zhao 12:32
Materials by video. Lecture notes by yourself ahead of time before the lecture or at your own pace because this is the virtual class N for Grad Class 200 students is kind of very large. So we actually experimented the same class, I type a sprain this year. We experimented with this class format and it’s well received and spring based on the survey more than. 86% of students actually like the class so that I take as the format at a helpful way of help. You learn better as a virtual classes a big class.

Jishen Zhao 13:17
How about computer architecture and wet level so the class format is like before each class time I will post a video and the notes that is for require materials. Requirement remains that in your homework your exam. Your project will need those require materials study by yourself at your own pace. Those are videos. So those are exactly almost the same as your. Listening to my electric and then join the live zoom session. That’s doing. The class meeting time instead of talking about require materials.

Jishen Zhao 13:54
I will be talking about some of the extended topics. Those are not required, but those are for some of you who want to learn more more deeper and the computer architecture. Those are not required for homeworks or homework exam question will not touch on those. Extended topics what was discussed during the live zoom sessions, so that being said at the live zoom session is not mandatory so if we don’t have time or you’re not interested in the topic that will be discussing I will post the topic.

Jishen Zhao 14:28
Before each class so you can you can take a look? What kind of thing you’re interested and decide whether you want to or not? It’s not mandatory for free to skip if you. They are not interested in there, only wonder get up those require materials and then during the live session will also do Q&A. So we can ask any questions for me related. The class or not related to class but relation computer architecture research.

Jishen Zhao 14:57
Anything I’ll help you to answer and join the live class session will also have in class exercises those are. May or may not related to those require materials. But after Class I will post card exercises and solutions. So it’s also fine if you have time to attend in class exercise in person. During the live session, you can work on the exercise ball solve and check with solution afterward. But because those are extended topics. Those are not required topics.

Jishen Zhao 15:31
So I will not really record. I will only post the lecture slides and notes. After the class but you can still study. Those notes if you don’t have time to.

Jishen Zhao 15:40
Attend the live sessions. Hopefully the format is clear, so the benefit of that I learn from the spring quarter, we try we ******d out experiment with that. You can learn my own pace by watching the videos study. Those materials over quiet materials. But for some of you want to learn more you can also get a chance to learn about deeper. Health computer architecture and also other extended topics so essentially you take one class. You’re having 2 classes one on the brick wall material. The other advanced topics. And uh. And AQ&A during the live session, yeah, you can also get more chance to ask me questions beyond my office hours and you get more exercise because you got in class exercise. Beside those Anna videos and besides those in the homework OK. So hopefully that will also work well during this quarter, just like the spring quarter.

Jishen Zhao 16:53
Hi Ann also I have a listing of require materials that’s covered by the videos the notes. Also in the class Google site so if you’re wondering if you want to review for exam and homework. Here is the list of the bullet list of the requirement, cereals that those will be covering. So when you start in the videos you should be able to figure out what is important for homework? Is and what is not hopefully that will be helpful?

Jishen Zhao 17:29
Hi. Think there’s a question a chat so the question is will the Q&A. Be conducted with the class time or effort, so the Q&AI listed over here. This Q&A means that during the class time the 3:32 4:50. The class time. This is the Q&A. But I also have office hours on Friday. 11 AM to 12 PM, so either either time you can come stop by and ask me questions.

Jishen Zhao 18:09
An interest of homework submission, I will will post the homework on Google site and submission will electronically through the. Facebook pretty standard no hard copy because this class is completely remote completely virtual so will not meet in person anyway, 2 homeworks the coursework are 2 Homeworks One.

Jishen Zhao 18:33
Paper reading assignment that you need to read the paper and write a review and then one exam. One mid term exam. There’s no final exam, usually I set the time do you open assignment? At midnight. Ann if you’re late here, so late policy, so that should be very clear. You should be able to expect kind of estimate how much great points will be off. If you’re late for how long at the time.

Jishen Zhao 19:07
An exceptions acceptable but we need to have a good reason you need to send me email then. Get me get my approval. Exceptions. And recreating is also allowed replaying as contacted over the graceful but you need to be given the size of this class that you need to let me auntie a no. You request or regretting one week within one week after the great release effort. One week is a key or me will not respond to any such requests. And in terms of textbook there’s no required textbook because everything should be covered in a videos and notes that you’re able to study. But if you want to resend book to help you better understand the lectures videos.

Jishen Zhao 20:06
Here, the the books that can take a look. One is the computer architecture quantitative approach. A very standard for this class offer anywhere in the US or in the world and then the other is actually I highlight will come in as a series of Books is called synthetic lecture song could be architecture. Some of extended topics that will cover not required materials will appear in those books and the good thing is if you’re on campus or if you’re using a VPN your?

Jishen Zhao 20:44
Well then there, you said Steve. Network domain you can download the book, the electronic version of this book for free this one. I mean, so feel free to grab a book and read if you want. But it’s not required.

Jishen Zhao 21:02
Uh regarding the reading assignment like I mentioned we have reading assignment. So it’s kind of just one research paper, I will post and then you read it and then you write a review I will. Post a review template so you just feel basically fill in blanks based on your understanding and reading of the paper. There should be pretty pretty easy assignment, but with that, we’re trying to train your. Critical thinking ability and the stencil research what it looks like to write or read research papers. And project there are 4 options of projects can choose either 11 is that you can recreate the results of recent research paper. I mean compute architecture related paper of course, because it’s a architecture class, you can employ. Man, you’re A at. Branch predictor it’s also a very standard project for this class, we have been.

Jishen Zhao 22:11
Implementing that powder for many years, the this implementation project information is already posted on the class. Google site so feel free to take a look to see if you want to do that one. And you can propose propose your own if you want. Then the last one if you’re not OK with either of the previous 3. You can also choose to write a literature survey on a specific topic that’s also fine but because.

Jishen Zhao 22:43
Number of project option number 4 is relatively easy job so I will give limited cap score as well. You will being you’ll get several points of credit off if you choose that one. Out will show you how many credits are shortly. But if you choose the project options when one of the 123 you’re allowed to work contain maximum 2 people.

Jishen Zhao 23:13
An you can submit a report. That is the same with an amount of team members, but each of you still need to submit a report so you can get your grading Gray scope, but they can’t be the same but they report you need to be clear about what contributions. By each individual in the team.

Jishen Zhao 23:35
Project option number 4 must be a solar project that is one student one project report, one project. Hi Ann just upgrading I think this may be the most important slice the logistics. I want to. Provide is the grading breakdown of this auto or the course works so homework. There’s2 and then reading assignment. This midterm exam, so for some of you. We want to take the MS comprehensive exam. The mid term exam score will be the one and think is typical of 60 is 60 out of one hundreds of passing that means. How much are 45I cannot do the math but you can count by yourself and project is in total 32 points out of the total points of the score.

Jishen Zhao 24:34
An App like I said if you choose project option number 4 Writer Survey Paper. You get a27 points cap and you can decide by itself. An integrated policy I don’t think I need to go over in detail. I think every class that you take, will talk about it will have that information, but basically you need to work on your assignment or exam. Your project by yourself. You can discuss amount amount there with your classmates, but don’t copy or don’t copy from the previous year and copy from your classmates answers you want by yourself. And for some of you who took 141 before here’s the difference compared to 141 basically for 2:40. A there’s a because it’s a we have 240 B&C. Those are more advanced topics. Classes for 2:48, there’s a spend substantial of materials is as reviewing what already you already learned and 141, but there’s still some new materials.

Jishen Zhao 25:53
Yes, I miss it over here and. During the live lecture sessions that we’re going to talk about those extended topics. Those should be continue for you, if you only took 141 before. So those are the difference and of course to implement a project and to write a paper review. Those are different from 1:41.

Jishen Zhao 26:23
Hi that’s all about the logistics. I want to talk about for this class if any questions further questions feel free to ask chat if not, then I will quickly go over.

Jishen Zhao 26:36
An overview Broadview what computer architecture is and what this class will be about over this quarter, so first of all. What is computer architecture it is not? Example of computer about found it is of course, not, fancy computers, but it’s a architecture. So it’s a just similar to building architecture, so it’s kind of. How to build a computer? If we compare with. Design, a building is very similar if we make the analogies with the computer architecture. So you first come up with the materials. You can use to do the computing and then come up with a design a plan. And then you put it so the same for computer architecture. If we do the comparison between building architecture and computer architecture. You can see the graph is very similar and here are the things that we can compare with the materials. The bricks and so on, and so forth. We want to build used to build a building. It’s a technology will talk about in computer architecture. Either it’s the the the Silicon or the transistors, then memory materials and so forth will just talk.

Jishen Zhao 28:00
A little bit about those technology over this quarter, especially those memory technologies and then plans and goals are the same comma with the design and based on the plan, then goes. Are you manufacture computers just like you construct the buildings and there are different types of buildings. The same as computer architecture. There are different types of computers, so over this quarter. Well talk about a little bit about like different types of computers, especially in during the extended the live class session when we talk about extended topics, but mostly for this class. What required is you know the basic concept of computers you’re not required to distinguish the difference key difference between different computers.

Jishen Zhao 28:55
Another question in the chat is well these lecture slides be posted after lecture. Yes, the answer is yes, I’ll post the videos and also the lecture slides. Ok and the details if we looking to a more details what we’re going to talk about over this quarter, so the same as? Touring around the building walk from one room to another, this quarter will walk from one computer component to another so we’ll go over the computer the core. The central computer processor and then the memory were stored the data and then we’ll talk about how they are interconnected like just like a building. You can walk off the highway to one room to another room, there are connected. So we’ll talk about how different components and computer also connected. And there’s a bunch of benefit of studying computer architecture, even as a programmer as a software engineer and we implemented software if no a little bit. How will the performance of computer or how to optimize for the computer performance will help you to optimize your program the code so will talk about performance right after in the next week. First topic that will be covering as performance. So hopefully that will be helpful for a lot of you.

Jishen Zhao 30:28
The last thing is look at Trenton history. I don’t want to spend too much time talking about history. Those are all type of computers. I can still see the some of the museums. Actually, I have ever committed to go and see how an old days. The computer looks like in the Silicon Valley there is A. Call Computer History Museum. There’s a lot of that they walk you through all the history of computers. But today computers everywhere around our life in our daily life so anything could be a computer. So don’t limit yourself computer is just your laptop with cell phone, but anything else around you actually there is a computer. Alright so that’s all I want to talk about today and before we go.

Jishen Zhao 31:14
The last thing is a few reminders first of all no class no life session on Tuesday next week. Instead, I will post the videos for those requirements, cereals because the first extended topic will need the background, the for those of you who want to tank.

Jishen Zhao 31:32
The live session for the first extent topic. You will need to watch the first 2 video videos first to get some, like a background and performance so will start at left live session on Thursday instead. But I will remind you again before Tuesday, next week and then make sure you can access everything the Google website and sign up yourself. Find Grace scope and also the Piata and check the canvas see if you can access. This canvas already well not use covers most of time, but mostly. Maintain your grace. And make sure.

Jishen Zhao 32:20
You start to, if you want to take a project options from 123 and I need to work on Team start to look forward to seeing your? Our teammates as early as possible Alright That’s all today. I want to talk about if you have any further questions you have to ask or if not, then I think. We’re good to go. Professor can you hear me? Yes.

说话人 5 32:55
I think I still have problem accessing the link. The course outline and extra materials and I&I think a lot of people have the same problem as I do.

Jishen Zhao 33:07
The link right so the link is not posted yet. I mean, those texts will turn to link when we went times, getting close to each lecture so you will see the link. It turned blue. Maybe after today and Friday.

说话人 5 33:23
Ok, so.

Jishen Zhao 33:24
So they will graduate turn trying to prove one by one OK.

说话人 5 33:29
So what about today today’s slides.

Jishen Zhao 33:32
I’ll post so the Today, the link will appear after today’s class like tonight for sure.

说话人 5 33:39
Yeah, thank you very much for that.

Jishen Zhao 33:43
So if we’re good then we’re good to go. Feel free to leave otherwise I can stay over here. I will stay for a few more minutes in case and what you wanna ask professor for questions. Sure, yes, you advised. Asked you spend time on on the.